What is the Event Up Lighting? Up lighting can turn any room with unadorned walls, into a unique and colorful venue. If
coordinated well in advance, these color schemes can be used to bring out the colors of your event, especially weddings!
The colors can match your bridesmaid dresses or flowers. Our Up Lighting can be used to bring out features on
pillars, statues, high windows, cake table
and more....
How does Up-Lighting work? Up Lighting is a series of lights, set up around a room on the floor, shining up toward the
walls. The lights can be set to any color that will greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way. These
lights are LED & fixtures that generate no heat and low power consumption
What is an Gobo? The Gobo is an image of the Quinceanera or bride and groom's names projected on an appropriate
surface, such as the wall, ceiling or dance floor.
What color is the image? The image is created in laser sharp white light making it compatible with the colors you've
chosen for your reception decor.
Event Up lighting & Custom monogram Gobo
Personalize your event decor in a spectacular fashion. Your guests will truly be impressed!